What is KGPP?

More correctly, "who" is KGPP? KGPP is my amateur radio callsign. Amateur radio operators, or "hams" as they are sometimes called, must receive a license to operate from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). To qualify for a license, the prospective ham must pass a test on radio theory, FCC regulations, RF safety, and sometimes are tested to see if they can receive morse code. There are several different license classes, each higher one requiring more difficult tests, but then allowing more transmitting priveledges. The license classes change regularly. Both the FCC and the Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL) are continually changing the license class structure. In 2004, additional major changes are expected.

The KGPP station

I have been licensed since 1980, first as a novice class license holder,  KAJJK, and then later as an advanced license class holder, KGPP. My interest in radio actually started before I was a teenager, actually building several receivers and listening to shortwave broadcasts when around 12 years old, but not obtaining a "ham" license until in my 30's.